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Quadruple Blood Bags With In-line Whole Blood Filters
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FTS-RC302 Quadruple Blood Bag With In-line Whole Blood Filters 
    For collection and leukocyte reduction of one unit of whole blood and subsequent preparation of leukodepleted red cell concentrate and plasma, with sampling diversion pouch, tube holder and needle safety cover. CPD anticoagulant and SAGM solution.(Note: Platelet cannot be prepared with this system)

Product Features:
    Collection of blood sample into sample diversion pouch (SDP).
    Collection of one unit whole blood.
    In-line leukocyte reduction of the collected whole blood.
    Preparation of one unit Leukoreduced Red Cell Concentrate (SAGM) and Plasma.
    Storage of components produced.

    Shelf time: 2 years in unopened foil pouch.
    Anticoagulant: Citrate Phosphate Dextrose (CPD, USP); 63ml for 450ml collections.
    Additive solution: SAGM solution, 100ml.
    Needle: 16-gauge Ultra-thin wall (Siliconized) needle with needle safety cover.
    SDP: sample diversion pouch with integrated tube holder.
    Plastic: all bags and tubing are polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with DEHP as plasticizer.
    Transfer bags: with capacity of 300ml and 450ml respectively.
    Integral whole blood filter: with filter capacity of one unit of whole blood.
    Blood product dating: up to 42 days at 1~6℃ for Leukodepleted Red Cell Concentrate  (SAGM);up to 1 year at ≤-18℃ for fresh frozen plasma.
    Filter membrane material: biocompatible polyester.
    Sterilization: steam.
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