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Nanjing Shuangwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Since 1993.
Nanjing Shuangwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. one of the leading disposable medical device manufacturers in China, is specialized in high-tech hematology and orthopedic products since 1993.

Maximizing the safety of blood is the primary goal of Shuangwei at its very beginning. We have developed Leukocyte Reduction Filters for red cells, Leukocyte Reduction Filters for platelets, and Blood Bags With In-line Leukocyte Filters. These products with the CE mark not only reach the international quality standards, but also are widely used in a lot of countries for reducing risks of blood by filtration and absorption, enjoying a good international reputation in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

From 2003, we started the production of Orthopedic Fiberglass Casting Tapes and Splints in accordance with EU standards. At the same time our CE marked Colorful Casting Tapes are widely used in many countries.

In recent years, we have developed Pathogen Inactivation System for Plasma (Methylene Blue) for reducing the risk of viral infections of donor plasma. In order to provide an effective but cheaper treatment of hyperlipidemia patients, we invented disposable LDL-C Reduction System to selectively reduce LDL-C (Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol) from the hyperlipidemia patient's apheresis plasma, without the dependence on expensive special equipments.

Through the close cooperation with our professional agents in each country, Shuangwei medical products of top quality and stability have been widely used by more than 1,000 blood centers and hospitals in China and abroad, contributing to blood transfusion safety and orthopedic recovery of millions of patients every year.

Always adhering to the principle of "Quality First", we are totally dedicated to achieving customers' satisfaction with our top quality Hematology and Orthopedic Products at competitive pricing, contributing to the healthcare through joint efforts with doctors and distributors worldwide.
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