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Bedside Type, With Luer Connector
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FTS-RC102  Bedside type, with Luer Connector
 For removal of leukocytes from one single unit of whole blood, packed red cells during blood transfusion at patient’s bedside.

Product Features:
 High leukocyte removal rate: residual WBC count <1×106 per unit.
 100%removal of micro-aggregates.
 High RBC recovery rate>90%.

 High biocompatibility.
 No prime needed before filtration.

 Shelf time: 2 years.
 Filter membrane material: biocompatible polyester.
 Sterilization: ETO gas.

Ordering Information:
 FTS-RC for red cells. Bedside type

Product Code

Filtration Capacity


FTS-RC 102 

For one unit 


FTS-RC 101 

For half unit 


FTS-RC 100 

For pediatric use


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